Open Play

Gather together a group of friends and come join us for some fun in our little city. Kids will have the opportunity to explore through interactive play and climb through our REAL TREEHOUSE play unit. Though kids MUST ALWAYS be supervised by a parent or adult, rest assured that there will be plenty of staff available to interact with kids and show them how to have fun safely and courteously.

For Open Play Time Schedule:

Please check our special event monthly calendar! 

Once Upon a Treetop, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or change open play hours without notice.

$14.00 per walker
$ 8.00 per crawler.
As always, adults and infants are FREE!
Additional Siblings: $12.00 walkers/ $6.00 crawlers

Snacks and beverages are available for purchase.  
Our Little City is a GREAT pl​ace to p​lay!
What to know before coming in:

​Kids and adults must wear socks in our little city. No shoes, sne​akers, bare feet or strollers will be allowed in our play area. We like to keep it clean and safe.

We encourage all adults to play with their children -- they are only little once and they learn so much from engaging in imaginative play with others! We also encourage parents to keep an eye on the behavior and safety of their children.  Once Upon a Treetop will ask all children and adults behaving in poor taste to leave our facilty.  Be kind, share, make friends, and have fun!

We provide YUCK BUCKETS! Please help us keep our city clean by putting toys that become unsanitary in them!  We disinfect throughout the day, but sometimes we miss things!  We love a clean space too! 

We appreciate input from our families.  Please share your experiences and suggestions with our front desk or email them to us!  We are always looking to improve!

Feel free to pack a lunch or ask us for suggestions of great places that deliver to us! We provide MESS HALL for you to take a break before going back to play!

Nothing makes us happier than happy families.  Once Upon a Treetop loves to take pictures to capture the special moments that happen in our space! Please note that we use these pictures for internal advertising (our emails, website, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.).  They will never be sold or include names.  By playing in our space, you agree to these terms.